About the Retreat

About the Retreat

I Am Awesome! (And I Know It!) is a self-esteem retreat for young women that aims to provide vibrant new connections and meaningful personal growth.

"A weekend journey of the heart, body, mind, and spirit connection to discover that being uniquely you, is the perfect you."



Vision statement: A weekend that will nurture and develop positive self esteem while exploring positive body image, peer pressure, confidence building, exploring emotions, media influences, and mental health education.  The participants will discover more about themselves while participating in various workshops throughout the weekend.  These workshops include; music, drama, visual arts, photography, yoga, creative writing, and healthy cooking.


Retreat Founder

Founder & Director
Renée Martin-Brown

Renée’s vision for the “I Am Awesome! (And I Know It!) Initiative is to nurture confidence, leadership, and self-esteem in young women through arts-based workshops during a creative and engaging annual four day workshop for girls ages 11-16.   Renée believes that every young woman has a gift to share with the world and that they can achieve anything if they have the confidence to reach for their dreams.  She recognizes that teenagers today are facing many pressures; body image, peer pressure, bullying, academic stress, relationships, family dynamics, and media manipulation. 

Renée is passionate about providing an inclusive environment for self-discovery while designing workshops for the participants throughout the weekend that will encourage them to make confident decisions, embrace their individuality, and the courage to follow their passions and dreams!

Renée has been teaching music and mentoring young people through her love of music for over twenty-four years.  She continues to encourage confidence in everyone she encounters and she is an advocate for mental health education and support.  Renée fully embraces the power of connection and the gift that it brings to our lives.

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” ~ Brene Brown


There will be no I Am Awesome! Retreat in 2022.